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How solar works?

Solar PV cells convert the sun’s rays into electricity. Individual cells are packed into arrays and produce a stream of direct current (DC) electricity. An inverter is used to convert DC from the arrays into AC. The process may be executed by blending solar energy with that from the grid (grid-tied) or as a standalone with batteries (off-grid).

Check out this video on how we help our customers harness the power of the sun and convert it into sustainable energy and savings.


Why go solar now?

As your business scales, so does your electricity bill. Why rely on an expensive and usually unsustainable source of power when the 12 hours of sunlight we enjoy everyday comes for free? All you need is a roof or a piece of land and a partner who can help you harvest solar energy. In no time, you’ll be cutting down your utility bills and adding the savings to your bottomline instead.

Moreover, electricity generated from solar energy is clean and carbon-free. Using solar energy lessens our impact on the degradation of our natural resources today, and helps create a sustainable living environment for our children and the future generations.

A system that pays for itself through energy savings makes financial and environmental sense.

Watch this feature from GMA News TV on SasonbiSolar and how we have helped homes and businesses save money through solar power.

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