Why should homes go solar?

Save on electricity costs today. Create a good living environment for the future.


  • A modern home is equipped with a appliances that run 24 x 7: air conditioning units, microwave ovens, stoves, large-screen television sets, computers, etc. Every watt of electricity is taken from the grid.
  • The increasing cost of electricity makes each appliance more impactful in terms of the electric bill. It adds to the total cost of running the household. The consumption peaks during the summer days, when the children are at home and the house is abuzz with activity.
  • Most rooftops have enough space for a solar panel installation that can help power a household. Installations require very little maintenance and guaranteed of their efficiency for up to 20 years.
  • Residential installations can start small and expand the setup as the power requirement grows, or as more benefits are realized.
  • Savings may be used to fund new home renovation projects or your next family vacation.

In this regard, a self-sustaining system that generates its own electricity from solar energy makes financial and environmental sense.