Why should schools go solar?

Provide an excellent academic and living environment for your students and faculty.


Education need not be expensive for both the institution and the students. A solar energy system that pays for itself through savings therefore makes business and environmental sense. Allocate funding to where it is needed most: the education of your teaching staff and your students.

  • With air conditioning units, laboratory computers, multimedia equipment, and student mobile phones and laptops plugged in halls, offices, and classrooms, energy saving programs become a massive challenge for the school
  • The increasing cost of electricity makes it difficult for administrators to succeed in getting energy savings. The cost is shared with the students, contributing to the high cost of education.
  • Because most of the energy consumption in schools happens in the day, the solar power setup is put to efficient use, and less power is taken from the grid, if any at all.
  • Schools can start small and expand the setup as the power requirement grows, or as more benefits are realized.
  • Savings may be used to fund academic projects, for faculty development and excellent education for students.

In this regard, a system that pays for itself through energy savings makes business and environmental sense.