Why should hospitals go solar?

Care for your patients and the environment.


The increasing cost of healthcare has put a burden on both the hospital and the patient. A solar energy system that pays for itself through savings therefore makes business and environmental sense. Now you can allocate more resources to the development of your staff and the caring of your patients.

  • With an emergency room and fully occupied wards operating 24 x 7, hospitals consume tens of kilowatts of power per day.
  • Laboratory equipment, diagnostic machines, air conditioning units, and elevators all add to the massive power consumption that is taken entirely from the grid.
  • The increasing cost of electricity makes it difficult for administrators to succeed in getting energy savings. The cost is shared with the customers, contributing to the high cost of healthcare.
  • The typical hospital property setup lends a lot of roof space for the installation of solar panels. This makes the system efficientand with a capacity that can accommodate an increasing power requirement.
  • Hospitals can start small and expand the setup as the power requirement grows, or as more benefits are realized.
  • Savings may be used to fund healthcare projects, for staff development and patient welfare.

In this regard, a system that pays for itself through energy savings makes business and environmental sense.