Why go solar?

Our access to solar energy is virtually limitless and inexhaustible.

The demand for electricity continuously increases, and yet the fossil fuels we use to generate power can never be replenished. But the Philippines, being a tropical country, enjoys 12 hours of sunlight everyday. That’s a lot of potential solar energy to harvest. With the latest developments in solar power technologies here and abroad, our access to solar energy is virtually limitless and inexhaustible.


  • Germany has a solar power installation of over 10,000 MW. They aim to run on fully renewable energy by 2015.
  • Spain Japan, USA, and Italy are only some of the countries with government and market-driven programs to harness the sun’s full potential.
  • There is a wide variety of solar energy products for every requirement: from 1-watt solar bulbs in homes to hundred-megawatt solar energy systems in commercial establishments.
  • Solar panel installations now require little to no maintenance.
  • Start small and expand as the requirement grows or as the benefits are quickly realized.
  • Lessen impact on natural resources and help create a sustainable environment for the future.
  • Achieve and monitor real savings.

SasonbiSolar clients have already reaped the benefits of a solar power system. Each unit of power that they get from the installation is a unit that the local distributor cannot charge on their electricity bill. Figure 1 is a sample monitoring graph of how much power is supplied by the system in one day.


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